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Ah ha, you clicked on this link thinking you were going to see some monsters, UFO's, and aliens, and voila, there are some in the picture to the left! As for the real purpose of this page it's a bit of a mystery. All of the oddity pages from past and present could end up here when they would otherwise be contained in some secret online vault with no link to thier existence.

The picture collage is full of odd photos, all taken by Charlotte and me over the years. Some are a tribute to my favorite show the X-files, others represent the truly weird out there, and some are just pictures I like and wanted to include for one reason or another.

If you are looking for some really cool extraterrestrial stuff beyond CosmicAdventure you can go to this link Crystalinks which has an alphabetical listing of more weird things than you can shake a broomstick at.