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Charlotte and I have always been interested in traveling and not always to the typical places. People thought we were crazy going to NYC for our honeymoon rather than some cruise or island, but we both grew up near the beach and wanted to do something different. We planned on doing a lot of exciting things, and did, but didn't plan on experiencing the Power Outage of 2003 which affected most of the Northeast U.S. Although it was rough for a couple days it's now just another adventure during one of our travels.

I believe traveling is good for the soul. Traveling means meeting new people, seeing new places, tasting new food, and experiencing new cultures. I suppose traveling is an educational experience, but even more than that it opens your eyes up to a whole new world of sensory input that you would have otherwise never experienced. You get to see how other people live and go about their daily lives. Upon returning home you might better appreciate the place you call home, and consider making some changes to your own lifestyle. Any way you look at it traveling broadens your perspective of the world. We live in a unique time and place where you can literally visit just about any country you want with just a little planning and saving up. Don't keep going to the same familiar places every year. The world is waiting to be explored. Get off the couch and take a trip off the beaten path to see it!

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