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Georgetown, CO at night

There are plenty of links through the site relating to the page they are on, however this is a gathering of some of my favorite links including links to some sites I visit frequently and some people that I know. We are enrolled in some affiliate programs like GoDaddy and AceNet hosting since we use and like thier products. If you decide to join them please be sure to click through our banners first so we can get a credit for it. Thanks, and as always if you have any questions or suggestions of cool cyberspace places please let me know.

JavaFoto Website This used to be our photography business site, but now its Charlottes blog. Check it out to see what we've been up to.

JavaFoto Website My other blogsite about Green and sustainable living and a healthy lifestyle.

Charlottes Food Blog Charlotte's soon to be professional Food Blog Site!

GoDaddy also offers cheap hosting for those who are just getting started and want a reputable host.

Learn for free!
One of the best places on the web where you can learn for free! Espeically good for those struggling with math or science.

Art Of Non Conformity
One of the most interesting blogs I've read on the Web. He is a local Portlander.

Get Rich Slowly
The best financial blog on the net, and Charlotte's favorite blog site. Another Portlander!

Colin Angus Website
This guy is crazy! He is the first person to ever circle the earth on human power alone. His books are great reads, and he is also regionally local to us living in British Columbia. Check out his site for more info.

Rick's Page I helped design this site for a couple friends of mine Steve and Deneen. You might notice the resemblance to the layout of this site. They've come a long ways since the initial design. Both of them are really into mountaineering and have some great pics uploaded to their gallery. Steve has a mountain guide business where he will lead people on treks up in the mountains. If you are interested shoot him an email. Additionally they have worked a few seasons in Antarctica so look for some interesting blog and gallery entries on their site about that.

Salas Photo This is Dave's photography site. He taught me a lot of what I know about photography so you know his stuff is good :-) He shoots wedding, portraits, and other events in Colorado. He is just getting started on his website so keep checking it out for updates.

Rick's Page This is my buddy Rick's page. He's just getting started but it looks good right now and there are lots of good pictures.

JohnRamon.com This website is from a buddy at work who has helped me a lot with web development. He hopes to someday take pictures as good as Dave and I.

Boots N All BootsNall, my favorite travel website designed for the independent traveler. Once we do some more traveling I plan to write some more journals and articles, then hopefully get them posted on this website.

Worth 1000 This site is a great place to enjoy some excellent photography and photoshop work, you might get a laugh out of some of them too.

htmlgoodies When I don't know how to do something on my webpage this is where I go. This guy has really great tutorials for web development.

Government web site This site is the portal for all Government web sites and info.

Web MD Go here for all your health and medical questions