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I can be pretty slow at replying with email, but I like email and actually prefer it over talking on the phone. Feel free to email me (even if I don't know you) about questions regarding the website or anything in general. As for my personal information I made some bad bets in Vegas once so I'm not listing my phone # or mailing address here. If I know you, and you want my current phone # or address just send me an email and I'll respond, probably...


I have other email addresses but this is the one I check most frequently and have used for years. Occasionally I do get messages routed to my spam inbox so if I don't respond right away just try again or leave a comment on the blog.


This address has worked pretty good for Charlotte but it is possible that mail could get dropped here occasionally like on the cosmicadventure mail server so if you don't get a reply after a while just try resending your email.

You want a piece of me cat!