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CosmicAdventures 2015

Updated 1/17/16
Happy New Year everyone! 2015 has been a crazy year for us. We've been quite busy bringing the new pack member Imogen up to speed. She is really growing up fast and just about ready for some Cosmic travel adventures soon. It's been a busy year for me with school, work, and childcare so I haven't had time to do any updates to the website. Hopefully this will be the last year of school and then I plan to resume some blogging and updating this site, along with some of the other hobbies that have been on hold for a while. There probably won't be too many more updates to the site until 2017 when I hope to do a full revival of CosmicAdventure! Charlotte has posted some recent microblog entries on her website at JavaFoto and has a link to an Instagram feed that you can view if you follow her there. Until next time keep on traveling and have a great 2016!

As always I'll list any new updates on the main page sidebar. If you would like to see a larger version of this collage just click on the picture to open a bigger size, you may need to click on it again to expand that photo. Cheers!