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CosmicAdventures 2012

Updated 12/21/14
2014 has brought us a new kind of CosmicAdventure- parenthood! This summer we expanded our pack when Imogen arrived on the scene. She was born on the summer solstice June 21, weighing in at 5 pounds, 5 ounces. Today is the winter solstice so she is 6 months old and doing great. We are looking forward to our first Christmas with her. Our first child Mulder is doing well too and is excited to have a new pack member. Now that we are getting the hang of this parenting thing we are hoping to get out a little more next year and start showing Imogen the world. We hope you all enjoy the holidays and have a great 2015!

As always I'll list any new updates on the main page sidebar. For more current events be sure to check out Charlotte's blog JavaFoto. If you would like to see a larger version of this collage just click on the picture to open a bigger size, you may need to click on it again to expand that photo.

The 2014 collage descriptions are starting in the upper left hand corner and then circling clockwise towards the center.

Descriptions coming soon!